Camouflage - Unikat - Gymbag

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Bam ... !!

From disused BW tents we create, in one-off production, individual and unique Gymbags

each part is an upcycling product and through the tarpaulin fabric very sturdy and water repellent


  • The Gymbag is made from 80% Cotton 20% Polyester
  • Every Gymbag is a unique piece
  • partly with additional bag


the pictured gymbags are sample images, the gymbag may have a different pattern The bands of variant 1,2,3,4 are not black but olive

Attention: The textiles are "used", accordingly each has an individual wash and vintage look
Materials: 80% cotton & 20% Polyester ( worn and reanimated with new task)
Material Backpatch: 100% cotton with plastic sequins made of 100% PVC
handling: Best hand wash, then nothing can go wrong
certificate: The Jackets are produced in Germany and recycled by us, plus 100% vegan
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