Motte Klamotte - Streetwear out of Nordhessen

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Motte Team


We  put great stress on keeping the process from creating designs to implementation and to serial production in our own hands and under our control, whether it’s sewing, screenprinting and layout.

In 2015 we founded our label Motte Klamotte. It stands for sustainably and ethically produced clothing. We love slow fashion.


When it comes to fashion, we are all somehow irrational, even crazy. We all long for the latest fashion clothes. Although actually knowing how these clothes are made, e. g. under life-threatening conditions for many people, we still find ourselves buying at these shops.


We love homemade, fair products, with a special focus on transparency.

We believe in fabrics with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

We print with water-based vegan colours that all meet the GOTS.

All our products like caps, hats and T-Shirts are sewn by hand.

Embroideries are done by regional suppliers.

We work closely with our suppliers and deal directly with manufacturers, thus no extra and unnecessary transport to middlemen are needed.

In addition we exclusively ship with DHL Go Green to at least compensate our carbon dioxide emissions and reduce the size of our environmental footprint.


Motte loves you <3